HatchKit Versions

HatchKit is offered in different versions suiting differing needs. All versions create accurate, lightweight patterns suitable for your particular CAD system or for the growing range of CAD systems that HatchKit currently supports.

HatchKit for all CAD systems (portable licenses)

Purchase as many licenses as you need to run concurrently. After one day, a license may be moved between machines by uninstalling then reinstalling. Web access is required for installation and uninstallation. We also offer a range of fixed-installation versions for specific CAD systems.
HatchKit Professional
HatchKit Professional offers an upgrade path to users of earlier HatchKit Versions and those who wish to create and edit CAD hatch patterns in all file formats that HatchKit supports.
HatchKit Publisher
HatchKit Professional contains features to aid publishing and confers the right to sell hatch patterns created by HatchKit Publisher by way of business for monetary reward.

HatchKit for the larger organization

Server licenses are for those who want full flexibility consistent with delivering HatchKit's functionality to all potential users without licensing or license management issues.
Each license can be installed on one machine and shared between users via Remote Desktop Services or Citrix.

Upgrade offer!!!

If you previously purchased an earlier version of HatchKit (upto Version 2.7), you may be eligible to upgrade that license to HatchKit Professional at a substantial discount.