Links to CAD hatch patterns

Our HatchKit 2014 Demonstration is handy for inspecting any hatch patterns you find.

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Many hatch pattern collections linked to here are free to download. HatchKit 2014 makes the perfect viewer and editor for most of these CAD hatch pattern files.

But it's much, much faster to create your own hatch patterns when you need a new pattern, rather than hunting them down on the web.

HatchKit 2014

If you cannot find the hatch pattern you need, HatchKit can create it.

HatchKit 2014, from $US70

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If you cannot find the hatch pattern you need it only takes a moment using HatchKit to create it. Draw, paste or import a DXF of a single pattern and drag two repeats into place along different axes. Save and it's done. HatchKit 2014 can automate the process making hatch pattern creation even simpler.

From $US70

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